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Who We Are

Dr. Lee Van Horn

Dr. Van Horn

Professor M. Lee Van Horn

Dr. Van Horn obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Developmental Psychology and came to the University of New Mexico in 2015 from a research scientist position at the University of South Carolina University.

Dr. Van Horn’s work is at the intersection between education, health sciences, and statistics. His methodological work focuses on identifying individual differences. He has conducted research on methods for looking at individual differences in the effects of family, school, and community contexts, and am an expert in the area of differential effects. Dr. Van Horn has experience bringing together strong team of both applied and statistical experts who, working together, have been addressing methodological problems in the assessment of differential effects. He has also served as a methodologist on research teams assessing many different applied problems in health and education.

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Chi Chang

Dr. Chi Chang earned her Ph.D. in Measurement and Quantitative Methods from Michigan State University. She holds Master’s degrees in Biostatistics as well as Educational Administration and Policy. She was a former statistical consultant at the Center for Statistical Training and Consulting at Michigan State University.

Dr. Chang’s primary research areas include multilevel modeling, mixture modeling, psychometrics methods, and meta-analysis. Her statistical research focuses on multilevel mixture modeling. She examines the quality of parameter estimates and the classification accuracy of multilevel mixture models under various conditions. In addition to her work in methodological evaluation, she also has a wide variety of interests in applied research, particularly in the medical, epidemiological, and social science disciplines.

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Research Assistants

Nathan Cole is a doctoral student studying Exercise Physiology in the Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences department at the University of New Mexico. His research interests revolve around human health and performance, particularly the biochemical, nutritional, and endocrinological factors governing skeletal muscle action and adaptation. His recent work has focused on ergogenic supplementation, as well as cellular processes underpinning the relationship between exercise and longevity.

Yasir Hussain is a graduate assistant @Methodology Group and doctoral candidate in the department of Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies at the University of New Mexico. His research involves using qualitative methods and theoretical research with focus on teaching, ideology and pedagogical methods in the teaching of English to the speakers of other languages (TESOL).