Collaborative Research

Our faculty and staff work with researchers from multiple fields of expertise, helping them to design research studies and analyze data to better answer their research questions. We look for synergy between applied research collaboration and methodological research. One goal is to connect researchers from multiple disciplines with the methodological expertise they need to conduct their research.

Support for ongoing research programs may assume many forms

  • We can work very closely with a research team in conducting data analyses and writing results
  • A faculty member along with support (RA, post-doc, research faculty) can work with research teams to adapt study design and analytic approach to better answer research questions
  • We can help with study design, writing data analysis sections, and conducting power analyses for grant applications

Secure Data

  • Our facilities include a restricted-access offline computer station for work with secure data, located in a separately-locked secure area, with individual lockers available.

Collaborative Research Publications

Coulon, S. M., Wilson, D. K, Van Horn, M. L., Hand, G. A., & Kresovich, S. K. (In Press). Neighborhood gene-environment associations with cortisol and blood pressure: evidence for differential susceptibility in African-American adults. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Wilson, D. K., Kitzman-Ulrich, K., Resnicow, K., Van Horn, M. L., St. George, S. M., Siceloff, E. R., Alia, K. A., McDaniel, T., Heatley, V., Huffman, L., Smith, S., Prinz, R. (2015). An overview of the Families Improving Together (FIT) for weight loss randomized controlled trial in African American families. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 42, 145-157.

Lamont, A. E.*, Van Horn, M. L., Hawkins, D. (2014). Context-dependent pathways of the transmission of risk from communities to individuals. American Journal of Community Psychology, Published online before print October 10, 2014. PMID: 25300758

Lyons, M. D.*, Huebner, S., Hills, K. J., & Van Horn, M. L. (2013). Mechanisms of change in student’s life satisfaction: A Longitudinal Analysis. Journal of School Psychology. 51, 587-598. PMID: 24060061

Swan, S. C., Gambone, L. J., Van Horn, M. L., Snow, D. L., & Sullivan, T. P. (2012). Factor structures for women’s aggression and victimization among women who used aggression against male partners. Violence Against Women, 18, 1045-1066. PMID: 23012348

Egan, E. A., Van Horn, M. L., Monahan, K. C., Author, M. W., & Hawkins, J. D. (2011). Community-level effects of individual and peer risk and protective factors on adolescent substance use. Journal of Community Psychology, 39, 478-498.

Harrod, S. B. & Van Horn, M. L. (2009). Sex differences in tolerance to the locomotor depressant effects of lobeline in periadolescent rats. Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, 94, 296-304.


07/12-07/17           Van Horn, M. L., Co-Investigator (Dawn Wilson, PI), Families Improving Together (FIT) for Weight Loss. NICHD funded grant # R01HD072153 (Direct: $2,125,000).

06/12-05/14           Van Horn, M. L., Co-Investigator (Shauna Cooper, PI), Fathering Practices and Positive Development among African American Adolescents. NICHD funded grant # R03HD068688 (Direct: $145,000).

03/12-03/17           Van Horn, M. L., Co-investigator (Flory, K., PI), Mediators of Social Impairment among Children with ADHD, Institute of Educational Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, grant # R01DA030387. (Direct: $1,530,974)

10/10-07/12           Van Horn, M. L., Co-investigator (Abigail Fagan, PI), Violent Victimization, Neighborhood Context and Adolescent Drug Use, National Institute on Drug Abuse, grant # R01DA030387. (Direct: $375,000)