Our Vision

Painting by Jose Luis Rodríguez Alonso of Cuba

Painting by Jose Luis Rodríguez Alonso of Cuba
rodriguezalonsoj06 at gmail.com

To provide researchers with a methodological resource to support their research productivity.

To support methodological research with applications to education and the health of families.

What We Do

We aim to serve researchers, faculty, and graduate students working in education and related areas. Our work with applied researchers emphasizes collaboration. This collaboration can take many forms from informal discussions about specific methodological problems to extended conversations focused on design and analysis of specific research questions. Although we don’t have resources to collect data we can help you design your study to better answer your research questions, provide guidance when issues arise in the data collection process, and we can support you in the analyses of your data at multiple levels. We specialize in methods related to understanding the diverse backgrounds of students, teachers, and families in New Mexico. We can also assist with design and analysis for researchers who wish to include diverse populations. We also help connect researchers with software, currently available software includes Atlas.TI, HLM, Mplus,

Nvivo, R, SPSS, SAS,  Latent Gold, MLwin, and Multilog.

The Methodology Group @ UNM also aims to be a home for researchers who focus on developing new methodologies and for understanding the use of methods in applied research. Our faculty and students engage in methodological research which helps drive their collaborations with other faculty and students. An example of this collaboration is the support of the Methodology Group @ UNM to projects from the interdisciplinary research center.

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How Do We Work